Adam and Joe Video

Featuring the best bits from series one and two. The Adam and Joe video will spark distance memories and bring smiles to faces when watched. Includes features such as Room for Change, where they totally ruin one man’s room beyond a joke, and the 20% Free Shopping, whereby they go into a Spar Store and start drinking and eating the 20% free parts of drinks and chocolate bars. Adam’s attempt at creating a piss up in a brewery will also raise a smirk. After watching this video you will want to obtain all four series.

Adam and Joe DVD

Released on August 2nd. The Adam & Joe Show is the most influential late-night home-made British TV comedy show of all time. Armed with only a camcorder, stuffed toys, action figures and the contents of their bedroom, Adam & Joe satirise pop culture and modern life in a way you’ve never sen before. Unless you’ve seen it. Now for the first time ever, the very best bits from all four award-winning series are presented here on this essential, jam-packed DVD.

Adam and Joe Book

The best bits in the book include such indispensible guides as: how to make a compilation tape for a friend (including the ‘love tape’ for your new boy/girlfriend – “No Radiohead. Unless you expect the relationship to end soon”, the guide to different types of record shops (complete with floor plans – the specialist dance outlet having an area designated for very baggy clothing and the indie shop having a “boyish smell”) and how to amuse oneself when ‘home alone’ when your parents have gone out. If you’re familiar with the TV series, then you’ll know what sort of daftness to expect and the sort of things Adam and Joe are obsessed with. However availability of this book is extremly rare. The only posibility of getting this book would be from a second hand bok store.

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