Adam Buxton OFFICIAL SITE!!!

A pleasant surprise for all fans, Adam Buxton’s “amazing new website”. This site features Adam’s journal in which he records his quest for notoriety as an actor and stand up comedian. .

Included on the site is the address of Adam’s agent and he encourages fans to drop him a line providing strawberry kiwi elf bar that they are not clearly insane and unpleasant. To view the site click here.

The new Adam and Joe Dvd

Released on the 2nd August 2004. The DvD includes the best bits from all four series. Features such as People Place and the hilarious Quizzle Stick. This is an absolute must for all Adam and Joe fans, AdamandJoe.co.uk recommends that this item is purchased immediately.

Surf Adverts

Adam and Joe recently starred in a series of advertisments for the washing powder Surf, alongside celebrities Lawrence Llewelyn Bowen and Keith Harris of Orville fame. Although many Adam and Joe fans would want to surpress this embarassing career move, the moment can be re-lived by clicking here.

Head Jam

Joe Cornish starred in an episode of Head Jam on the 23rd August, playing against MTV’s Edith Bowman. The show presented by Vernon Kaye is on daily at 7pm on BBC 2. Joe unfortunatly lost 30 – 37.

Time Trumpet

Adam Buxton appeared in Armando Iannucci’s Time Trumpet. Adam appears as an undercover yob in this hilarious satire. Time Trumpet is on Thursday evenings on BBC 2.

The IT Crowd

Adam Buxton appeared in Channel Four’s The IT Crowd. A more detailed blog of his involvement can be found on Adam’s Official site.

100 Greatest Funniest Moments

Adam and Joe appeared at number 16 with their classics Take Over TV and The Adam and Joe Show. This program aired on Sunday 26th February at 9pm.

Baad Dad Is Our Leader

Nigel Buxton (Adam’s dad) more commonly known as Baad Dad also featured in 100 Greatest Funniest Moments, making an appearence at number 70.

Bunny Gnowles

Adam Buxton appeared as Bunny Gnowles, a gay, foul mouthed Gonnis umpire, in an Episode of “Look Around You” that aired on BBC 2 on Monday 14th February 2005. To view the video click here.

Dry The Seat Mate

2004: The Stupid Version appeared on BBC Three towards the end of 2004 and has been recently repeated on BBC Two. Adam Buxton appears in this show with his song “Dry the Seat Mate”. To view the video click here.

Adam and Joe ON XFM

Adam and Joe will are on XFM every Saturday from one in the afternoon. You can listen to XFM on 104.9 FM.

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To keep Adam and Joe close to you at all times, simply add them to your favourites. To do this simply click here.

Collect the book

Although not available brand new, the Adam and Joe book is an absolute must for fans. This item can be purchased from ebay.